Friday, June 03, 2005

A New Workerbee

Howdy and welcome to Bloggers For Beef Jerky (B4BJ for short)! My name is Andrew and you might recognize me from such blogs as The Silent Republican and as a constant commenter in the Blogosphere. I am now going to be helping out around here so Mustang23 doesn't have to do all of the work.

Football: An American Tradition

As you may all know, I play football and am in constant need of something to eat, preferrably high in protein. I also have an inexplicable habit for chewing on things. If you ever get the chance to see my pencils and pens and straws and even those neat little coffee stirrer thingies you get at Starbuck's, you would immediately notice that I have chewed the heck out of them. So, in repsonse to these needs, I eat beef jerky. It provides a healthy, hearty, high-protein, flavorful, and chewy snack. That's why I support beef jerky, and why I think JP needs to be retaught the value of this wonderful snackfood. Hence, I have signed up here. Have a nice day and I'll be posting here.


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